Fall/Winter 2023

Shot in Verdens Ende - “The World’s End” - situated at the southernmost tip of the island of Tjøme in Færder municipality,  Norway - as well as a large section of the outer Oslofjord - the SUICOKE Fall/Winter 2023 lookbook frames and reflects Oslo’s remarkable relationship with the sea, which includes a tapestry of islands, fjords, glaciers, fishing villages, and thousands of miles of breathtaking coastlines.

Photographer Alvin Santos employs an analog approach to capture the essence of the environment and portray the subjects as they embark on their own explorative journeys. Capturing the essence of vast open spaces, the editorial focuses on fostering a connection with nature, whilst pushing the boundaries of playful exploration, relation, and appreciation. 

Photographer: Alvin Santos
Stylist: Maria Fuhre - Pudderagency
Video: William Blofeld
Makeup/Hair: Enora Olsen
Models: Sofia Quan & Nichlas Rokne - idollooks