Innovative Technology specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice. It has a unique polymer blend coupled with an advanced filler system, new processing technique and paired with Vibram Icetrek, which yields Vibram’s best grip on dry ice. It is engineered for low temperature use.

Arctic Grip offers Vibram performance, quality and durability and improved grip on cold, icy or snowy surfaces compared to existing Vibram soles. There are thermochromatic lugs on each sole which turns white to blue as the temperature is near 0 degrees celsius,which serves as an indicator to let the wearer know the temperature is low enough for ice formulation.
The Suicoke “SHERPA” material comes with a special, waterproof membrane lined on the inside of the upper.The lining has a function that combines excellent waterproof and windproof capabilities.Even in severe weather conditions such as rain and snow, the sherpa system is paired with a lightweight rubber sole to allow you to walk worry-free.

The SUICOKE Antibacterial footbed is a feature applied to the original SUICOKE EVA footbed. The antibacterial technology is built-in to the footbed during the manufacturing process to fight the growth of bacteria mold that can cause stains, odors and deterioration of shoes. It retains a clean and fresh appearance for a longer duration of time.

The technology implented into the EVA footbed will not wash off or wear away over time and the antibacterial protection is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the shoes. The SUICOKE Original EVA Vibram Footbed have EVA pads placed on the heel, arc of the foot and toes to help reduce discomfort to the foot when walking.