HAY is proud to announce a limited-edition “DEPA” series of unisex sandals created in collaboration with iconic Japanese shoe brand Suicoke, launching exclusively in HAY’s global flagship store HAY House Copenhagen on May 15, 2020. Known for designs that fuse bold, contemporary forms with laid-back functionality, Suicoke is the perfect partner for HAY.
“In all of our collaborations, we strive to partner with brands whose values and aesthetics are in sync with our own, and Suicoke is the go-to brand for this type of sandal. I like the aesthetic, the form, and the functionality, and felt that HAY’s most important contribution to this perfect sandal was a fresh new take on colour.” _ Mette Hay, HAY Co-founder and Creative Director of HAY Accessories
Featuring three playful, colour-blocked versions curated by Mette Hay, the utilitarian sandals boast an appealing palette that works with any style and will complement the glow of summer skin. Striking a harmonious balance between warmer and cooler tones, each version features an adjustable-Velcro front strap in a distinctive hue, a flexible, foam-rubber sole, and an open, rounded toe for added comfort.
“At HAY, we are constantly exploring and playing with colour. This version of the Suicoke and HAY sandal reflects our sense of how the collaboration between us should look in the 2020 summer season, but it is our hope to develop more Suicoke and HAY sandals in the future. Each version would have a brand new look and we would hope to make them available to a wider audience.” _ Mette Hay

Coming to North America on Friday, September 18, 2020
North America Suicoke Webstore, 6pm EST: https://suicoke.ca 
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