Of all the topics we cover around this time of year, men's sandals beget the most questions. No matter how many frantic queries on warm weather layering and proper inseam length we field, sandals—where to buy ‘em, how to wear ‘em—routinely dominate the discourse, and to be honest, we’re not exactly sure why.

Maybe it stems from some misbegotten notion of “good taste” (that ol’ killjoy!) you probably should’ve left behind in 2021, or lingering trauma from that one time you caught a glimpse of gramps’ knobby toes on a childhood trip to the Cape. Maybe you just never thought they were for you. Whatever the reason, there’s something about sandals that our otherwise erudite, stylish, and entirely charming readers find perplexing and a little bit infuriating, like a thought experiment you’d rather avoid altogether than even try to contend with. (Was Schrödinger's cat wearing shoes?!)

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