The sandal, an ancient piece of footwear symbol of the Greek and Roman aesthetic tradition, as well as an icon of freedom for the hippies, has been avoided by young and hip people for decades. Espadrillas, loafers (penny or deck), sneakers and even platform boots have succeeded one another in the scorching summer sun in the name of trends or subcultural affiliations, but now it’s all about who’s got the most performing polymeric foam.

If in the realm of sneakers the era of chunky and oversized silhouettes inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s seems to have given way to a far-from-shy return of early 2000s narrow and slanted silhouettes (see the acclaimed Adidas x Wales Bonner collaboration on the German brand’s bonafide classic Sambas), sandals, mules, clogs and sliders have retained a taste for generous and hyperbolic volumes, not without an ironic and pos-tmodern spin.

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