Made in Italy, we introduce our MOK injection sandal. Our ever-growing injection sandal family is now even more versatile with this new lightweight, eco-friendly sandal. Further expanding on familiar concepts, these sandals have the incredible ability to mold to one’s foot and adapt to various environments. This line features more unique and innovative shapes to push the visual identity of the brand even further.

This injection sandal aims to push design boundaries further and further. Implementing new technology brings us new opportunities and chances. Light as air, comfort like clouds, and complex streamline design brings us this new milestone in footwear production. Using recycled waste materials, we aim to have this experimental project create a product that reflects our attitude towards premium quality design.

Like the process of baking bread, at first glance it may seem simple but there’s a complex activity occurring. The creation of these sandals is our step into science and cosmic-like journey. Simply finding a good recipe is not enough – the combination of temperature and humidity are also key to crafting perfection. After going through trials with poor shape, inconsistency of colors and even explosions – we arrived at our destination and completed the journey.

A reminder, this is not the end – it’s impossible to stop this journey. What’s next?

Coming to SUICOKE – North American webstore ( and select US & Canada retailers starting on June 16, 2022.

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