Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Offer FAQ

Shop now, save later.
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Q. What's the offer?
Purchase two or more pairs (multiples of two), and receive a $25 gift card per pair to be used for a purchase in 2021. Every order of at least two pairs, will receive a $50 gift card to use on a purchase in the new year.
Q. How long is the offer valid for?

Our Black Friday offer is valid on all orders received starting at 6PM (EST) on Nov. 26th and end at 9:00AM (EST) on Dec. 1st.
Q. What if I purchase 3 pairs?
You will only receive a gift card for the first 2 pairs. Purchases must be made in pairs. The gift card will total $50 for your order. You might just have to purchase 4 pairs! The gift card offer is only valid to orders with multiples of 2 pairs. 
For example:
Buy 2 pairs, receive one $50 gift card.
Buy 3 pairs, receive one $50 gift card.
Buy 4 pairs, receive two $50 gift cards.
Buy 5 pairs, receive two $50 gift cards.
Buy 6 pairs, receive three $50 gift cards.
Q. Do I need a code to activate this offer?

Nope! Proceed normally with your purchase at checkout. Be sure to apply our free shipping code FS20. We will send your gift card(s) code at the time of fulfillment . 
Q. When can I use my gift card(s)?
All gift cards eligible from our Black Friday offer will be valid for any purchases made from January 1, 2021 through to December 31, 2021 on our North American webstore only (suicoke.ca). Cannot be combined with any other offers in 2021.
Q. Which styles will be part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer?
All styles available on suicoke.ca.
Q. Can I return my items for a refund?
Orders purchased during our Black Friday offer are not refundable, only exchanges will be made. 
Q. I have more questions.
If your questions haven't been answered, please email us at info@suicoke.ca